Rada Cutlery Fillet Knife – This is a great fish fillet knife!

  • All fishermen often have this fillet knife in their toolbox. It is very light and flexible. Blades are 7-1 / 8 inches (overall length is 12-1 / 4 inches)
  • Rada blade: The blade is made of stainless steel type T420 carbon and is hand-sharpened. It is also very easy to separate meat from bones.
  • The handle: made of rubber, feels great in your hand It is designed to be slip-resistant and for safe use even in wet environments.
  • Made in the United States

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Rada Cutlery Fillet Knife

This is a gift for my father, who loves to use a fillet knife. He details the rubber handle and the blade is thin and flexible. He also loves leather covers. It helps him solve all fish related matters.

I have used this fillet knife a number of times and it has definitely exceeded my expectations. It has an excellent grip and remains razor sharp after a period of use. The price is extremely amazing.

I used to fillet the salmon, it is very sharp with only one sugar it has peeled off the skin and the meat is very clean. This is really a 5 * rated product. It helped me fillet the salmon quickly.

Its perfection is the choice of so many users like me. Comfortable handle, sharp and thin blade.

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Best Fillet Knife For Salmon

How to sharpen it Rada Cutlery Fillet Knife?

You can grind with a grinder or grindstone at an angle of 10 degrees. Experts recommend buying a grinder at Rada.

What is the best knife fillet?

The fillet knife with the thin and right blade will give you flexibility when using. The most popular material chosen is Carbon stainless steel. Knife size also depends on the size of the fish you need. With smaller and smaller blades.

Using a Rada fillet knife will be meticulous and cleaner with an electric fillet knife.
You can also refer to an electric fillet knife here.

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