Why does Zumba dance help you lose weight?

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a modern dance with quite simple dance moves. Background music used is vibrant Latin music. Each Zumba can burn 450 to 700 kcal in the body.

Zumba dance usually consists of high-intensity interval exercises, alternating fast and slow rhythms, twisting movements from many sides and helping you train endurance and endurance. Besides the benefits of fast weight loss, body toning, Zumba also has many benefits such as reducing stress, loving life and good for the heart.

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Why does Zumba dance help you lose weight?

Zumba has been proven to be a safe and effective way to lose weight by coaches and trainees, thanks to the quick and powerful dance moves that increase the fat burning process to help you have a small waist. But to get that effect, you need to be persistent at least 1 hour a day for 1 month. And to have a positive effect, you need to practice with a cheerful, enthusiastic spirit. However, do not try to force yourself to overdo or exercise when you are sick. See more Best Nike shoes for Zumba

The effective abdominal exercises are used to the maximum in Zumba exercises, aiming to solve the most headache problem of women today, which is abdominal fat. Muscle tightening exercises, waist twists, belly bends, and chest compressions help deeply impact the abdominal muscles, burn obnoxious fat here, giving you a toned waist.

Unlike gym workouts with exercises that affect each specific muscle group, Zumba dance moves affect all parts of the body, so after training, the muscles will become toned and the fat areas will become much slimmer than the words that give you a slim, balanced body.

Like other exercises, Zumba dance is also very good for the heart. Along with walking and swimming, Zumba dancing is considered one of the best ways to improve heart activity.

The reason Zumba helps you lose weight is the fast dance moves so that your energy consumption is also very fast, and how much it consumes depends on each person’s condition. For example, if you weigh 70 kg with 1 hour of exercise, you will consume 446 kcal and 532 kcal with someone weighing 83kg.

To make it easier to plan your weight loss plan, you can follow the calculation below.

The regular training schedule is 1 week of 3 sessions, 1 hour per session, so 1 week you will have 3 hours of training with 0.45kg weight reduction. So if you consistently practice Zumba one hour a day combined with a low-fat, low-carb diet less than 500 calories/day, you will lose nearly 1kg in 1 week. So, you will lose 4kg in a month.

When learning Zumba need to prepare what?

– First, you need to buy yourself a pair of specialized shoes, a sporty, elastic, airy and easy to move and need to provide enough water for the body before and after training.

– A cheerful and cheerful spirit, immerse yourself in music and work the whole body.

– Find the Zumba exercises (Zumba teaching facilities) that suit your current dancing ability and level.

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As a professional plumber, you face many dangers when working such as:

– Constantly working in an environment with a lot of water, it is easy to fall because of slippery.

– Contact with dangerous substances such as biological wastewater, heavy metals, binders.

– Must stand up uncertain places to repair leaking hose and plumbing.

Therefore, before you work, you should pay attention to the safety precautions.

Here are safety tips for plumbers.

1. Protect your feet

Plumbers often have to work in a humid environment, which can easily cause you to fall and be seriously injured. A pair of non-slip work boots will help you avoid dangerous falls.

Also, you should choose boots that are waterproof. Because it will keep your feet dry, comfortable, limiting the risk of blisters or water infections.

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2. Protect your eyes

Things like using a drill or hammer can be dangerous to your eyes. In addition, exposure to toxic substances such as biological sewage, asbestos, heavy metals, will likely shoot you in the eye at any time.

Wearing protective glasses when doing so will help plumbers limit the danger.

3. Protect your ears

There is a lot of noise emitted when the plumbers work, in the long term the ear will be affected if not protected.

Safe working tips for plumbers

A recent report shows that up to 48% of plumbers have hearing affected by a noisy work environment.

4. Hand protection

When exposed to sewage, industrial chemicals by hand will be very dangerous, it can expose our hands to mold and other dangers.

Therefore, wearing protective gloves is essential to safety when plumbers work.

5. Protect your lungs

If you are constantly exposed to biological wastewater, dangerous chemicals, then you should wear a mask to avoid breathing in harmful odors.

6. Protect your head

Plumbers often have to work in built environments, so wearing a hard hat to protect their heads is essential to avoid hazards.

7. Use the right tools

Before work, take time to think and prepare the necessary tools for your work. This will help you get the job done in the shortest possible time.

Instead of groping, working all day and still not finished because of a lack of tools or improper use of tools.

8. Wear protective clothing to protect the body

In many places, plumber work in harsh environments, like fixing frozen plumbing, or repairing rooftop plumbing when it’s hot in the summer.

Working in such environments is very vulnerable. Wearing protective clothing is extremely necessary.

Above are 8 safety tips for plumbers that I know. Hope it helps you somewhat.

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